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Logo / Image usage

We would like to point out the rules for the use of our logo and picture material.

The use of the HM radiator logo is generally subject to approval. For advertising purposes, in particular in printers or web pages, we permit the use under certain conditions, whereby this permission can be revoked by us.

  1. The copyright of the image material provided by HM Heizkörper as well as downloads from the HM Heizkörper homepage is at HM Heizkörper GmbH Heating Technology
  2. When using HTML documents, the logo must contain a hyperlink to the following page of our brand: Please let us know the publication within two weeks by e-mail to the following address with the URL:
  3. When using the HM-Logo in printing units or on CD, DVD, etc., please send us a copy of the relevant publication within two weeks after printing.
  4. HM Heizkörper authorizes the use of the picture material exclusively for the advertising of original products of HM Heizkörper GmbH Heating Technology
  5. The HM logo is used exclusively on a white background.

The logo may only be used in the given proportions. Scaling with proportions is allowed. In case of printing, the logo must be printed in three colors: Black, RAL 2008 = Light red orange, White.

If you are interested in the use of our logo and / or visual material, please fill in the contact form with the following subject “Logo-Image-Usage”.

All documents must be approved by the Marketing Department and the sales management.

In the case of our consent, which we will inform you about, you are entitled to use our logo / pictorial material according to the regulations described.


Here you can download all materials.
Please pay attention to our usage rights.

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