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Centara Technology

The serial flow technology directs the heat towards the room side of the radiator, which means that less energy is wasted on the wall side. The user benefits from a more responsive heating mechanism as well as a warmer radiator surface – without increasing energy consumption.


The cover can be easily removed without the use of tools. The optimum long term performance is ensured by removing dustbands from the convection channels.

Galant (series)

The epitome of top quality with a unmistakable flat profile design. Broad convection channels make for a constantly pleasant climate. Another intelligent detail is the bevelled edge, contributing to a fluent transition to the wall side. The model is also available as a convector version (height 200 mm) and a vertical version.

Heat Proportion

Plate radiator users are benefitting from a balanced distribution between convection heat (for rapid heating) and radiant heat (for the long-term well-being). While objective temperature is of course fundamental, the subjective feeling of warmth is not to be underestimated. The latter is highly dependent on an identifiable heat source in the room. HM radiators embody an visually striking and elegant heat source in every room situation.


HM radiators can be installed quickly and safely utilising our pen stroke consoles, which are invisible beneath the cover. Besides there are many additional accessories for even more comfort, e.g. floor brackets for floor mounting.


The i-Select program is a new concept aiming to interconnect owners, handymen and logistics professionals online. It features a handpicked selection of models and excellent gross prices.

Middle Connection / Centara Technology

Centara and Classic M are designed exclusively for the central connection from below. Wall clearing is the same for all types (35 mm), so the radiators can be easily replaced. The flow is located on the left.


The eco-friendly three-layer coating grants protection against damage and rust. Thanks to a state-of-the-art painting system, radiators can be produced within 48 h in 12 standard colors and 2 premium colors (blue label / basalt).

Plate Radiator

Typically, a plate radiator is composed of 2 plates. Inbetween, convection plates / fins are integrated to increase the heat output. However, there are also single-layer and three-layer versions. Plate radiators combine radiation heat, convection heat and short reaction times to a strong package. The type 20 design features an interior without any fins and is suited for room situations which require a high level of hygiene.


The production of HM radiators takes place in Dingelstädt / Thüringen in Central Germany. Only high-quality quality steel is used. The automated high-tech production stands for consistent quality „Made in Germany”.

Production Times

5 high-tech production lines in Central Germany ensure flexible production times. Due to our 3-stage storage system (green / yellow / white) with approximately 100.000 radiators in the loop, producers, sellers and handymen are interconnected in a straightforward way.

Side cover

To improve heat transfer and longevity, the side panels are welded.

Thema (series)

A series of radiators with a rebated aluminium front panel. The aluminium surface is extremely thin, causing perfect heat distribution on the whole surface. The model is also available as a convector version (height 200 mm) and a vertical version.

Thermostatic Head

The thermostatic head is mounted on the right or the left side of the radiator, depending on the room situation. In case of the compact and valve versions, the radiator can be rotated accordingly. Middle connection type radiators offer the choice between installation on the right or the left side.

Open questions

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